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Answers to Your Questions about Marital Status and Tax Returns
When a couple ties the knot or gets divorced, taxes are probably not the first thing on their minds. But[...]
The Present and Future of the Self-Employment Tax
If you're self-employed as a sole proprietor, partner or LLC member, you may owe the self-employment tax. The tax is[...]
Is Social Media Activity Putting You at Risk?
Winter can be a busy time for travel. Snowbirds try to escape the cold. Grandparents long to visit loved ones[...]
Making the Most of a Flexible Spending Arrangement
When unused flexible spending account (FSA) balances are forfeited back to employers under the "use-it-or-lose-it" rule, employers have several options[...]
How to Pay Retiree Health Costs Tax-Free
If you own a small business, you may have set up a defined benefit pension plan for you and your[...]
Year-End Business Tax Planning Strategies in Light of Tax Reform
It's not too late! You can still take steps to significantly reduce your business's 2017 income tax bill and possibly[...]
Help Your Kids Build a Fortune With a Roth IRA
If you have teenage children or grandchildren with part-time jobs, there's a tax-favored way to help them save money for[...]
Eight Tips to Build Your Nest Egg and Help Employees Save for Retirement
When it comes to building wealth on a tax-deferred basis, the benefits of a 401(k) plan are too good to[...]
Bad Debt Losses: Can You Deduct Loans Gone Bad?
The IRS is always skeptical when individual taxpayers claim deductions for bad debt losses. Why? Losses from purported loan transactions[...]
Giving Gifts to Employees? IRS Wants Its Share
Do you want to be extra-generous to employees who are doing a good job? Bonuses and gifts can be an[...]
Work Opportunity Tax Credit: What Business Owners Need to Know
The Work Opportunity tax credit (WOTC) is a federal income tax credit that's available to businesses that hire members of[...]
Working Out a Tax-Free Perk
Your company probably offers an array of fringe benefits to its employees, including health insurance and group-term life insurance. While[...]
Republican Tax Framework Proposal
Dear Clients and Friends: Republican lawmakers released a framework for tax reform on September 27, announcing that their goals are[...]
Avoid Retirement Account Rollover Pitfalls
After retiring or leaving a job, your first big tax question might be: What should I do with the money[...]
What You Need to Know About 529 Plan Withdrawals
The big advantage of Section 529 college savings plans is that withdrawals used to cover qualified higher education expenses are[...]
Tax Rules When Your Business Trip Involves a Passport
If you travel a lot on business, you may make some international trips -- as well as trips within the[...]
Remember RMDs this Tax Season
Did you know that, once you turn age 70½, you must start taking mandatory annual withdrawals from your traditional IRAs,[...]
What You Need to Know About the Alternative Minimum Tax
Congress originally devised the alternative minimum tax (AMT) rules to ensure that high-income individuals who take advantage of multiple tax[...]
‘Loan Payments’ Can Be Taxable Corporate Distributions to Shareholders
There can be negative tax consequences when purported loan payments are recast as corporate distributions to shareholders. In some cases,[...]
Rx for Itemizing Medical Expenses
Medical expenses can be costly — and they're not always covered by insurance. But there may be a silver lining:[...]
Must Joint Activities Be Treated as Partnerships?
For federal income tax purposes, an unincorporated joint venture or other contractual or co-ownership arrangement under which several participants conduct[...]
Tax Fraud Awareness: How to Protect Your Identity and Assets
The IRS, taxpayers and tax preparers share a common enemy: identity thieves. We all have a part to play in[...]
Tax Saving Tips
Selling to a Related Party Can Kill Your Tax Losses If you sell property to a related party, you may[...]
SEPs: A Quick and Easy Retirement Plan Option
Setting up and maintaining a simplified employee pension (SEP) is probably easier than you think. The sooner you get started[...]
Can Your Research Credits Offset Your Payroll Tax Bill?
Does your small business engage in qualified research activities? If so, you may be eligible for a research tax credit[...]
Can Pension Benefits Be Deducted as Alimony?
The Tax Definition of "Alimony" Under tax law, a payment is classified as alimony (deductible to the payor and taxable[...]
Save Taxes While Controlling Employee Health Costs
If rising health care costs have sent your company searching for ways to reduce expenses, you should know there are[...]
Know the Rules for Amending a Federal Income Tax Return
What should you do if you discover an error on a previously filed individual tax return? For example, you might[...]
Ten Sources of Tax-Free Income
There are still ways to earn income that is free from federal income tax. With the various tax increases that[...]
Meal Deductions: Tax Rest for the Weary
In one significant case, the U.S. Tax Court allowed a taxpayer to claim deductions for meals that stretch the limits[...]
10 Simple (and Fun) Ways to Cut Taxes This Summer
It's already starting to feel like summer in many parts of the country. But the forecast for Washington remains unclear[...]

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